Mind Capital Review – English

Earnings between the crypto exchanges has become very popular from an obvious point of view for programmers and outstanding mathematicians.

today we have a slightly unusual arbitrage trading company from Spain and no it’s not arbistar but there are similarities to the Mindcapital. Mind.capital have real offices in Madrid and their CEO is a famous Spanish celebrity who has applied himself successfully in many diverse areas of Industry and now he and his family have focused their considerable talents on crypto and forex.

Now they’ve been trialing their system for the last three months of 2019 and the results have been very impressive. Now they’re ready to go live. Official start was in January the 11th 2020.

If you follow me, you know that I always pay attention to the founders, you know that I focus on the people behind the company and transparency, now in this case because we have a famous owner, we’re lucky because we know lots about him so here is the main man behind mindcapital Senor Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo

now this imposing looking portrait was used on the cover of Lomond newspaper, the main newspaper in France in 2014 and this is her Lamond.fr described:

him Gonzalo Garcia Paulo is a legend. In the 1990s he established a sophisticated statistical system based on the observation of biases caused by manufacturing Falls in casino roulette wheels and thus with the help of his sons won millions of dollars

so they called him a legend. Now this guy is a multi-talented individual he’s 72 years old and he still has great Drive

Now this guy is known as a filmmaker and if you check out IMDB the Internet Movie
Database, they say he is a director and writer known for multiple films including Coppola in 2015 and he’s also produced over a hundred and sixty music records, it’s a quite an incredible guy
but he then developed a system to beat the casinos and it worked very successfully.

He won millions in Spanish casinos, then he taught the same system to his son
Oscar and then they applied it to many other casinos and of course after a while they banned him because the casinos don’t want us making money


and this is Oscar. He’s the president of mine capital so keeping it in the family the Gonzalo is a numbers guy. He recognized how powerful arbitrage can be but he’s applied a slightly different take on how arbitrage is done and this is where the combination of crypto and forex broker. I’ll go into that shortly..

In MindCapital, members participate with a 65% / 35% share of the profits, which means that the member gets 65% of the gross profit and the platform 35% for the network bonus and the improvement of the platform. The percentages that appear on the platform are GROSS, but the dollar gains that you receive are already net.

This is on average 1% per day. However, until recently, the access conditions were clearly defined.

What conditions does MindCapital have?

1️⃣ – There is a minimum contribution of US $ 100 and a maximum of US $

2️⃣ – Payments of the returns obtained are made daily, weekdays, from
Monday to Friday in your own wallet on the platform.

3️⃣ – These returns are available to be withdrawn for an external
wallet when the value exceeds US $50, with a maximum of US $10,000 per day.

4️⃣ – The initial capital can be withdrawn after 90 days of your

5️⃣ – There is no withdrawal commission, either for performance or for
capital. Only Blockchain fees (~3%) to process transactions when we deposit
or take out Bitcoin.

6️⃣ – There is the possibility of compound interest generated when you
reach US $ 100. You also have to count the 90 days as if they were new

MindCapital combines high profitability with high liquidity and 100%

now at the launch event in January 11th 2020 they’re going to be distributing a book
on the blockchain.  Gonzalo really likes the blockchain, he loves the transparency of it the fact that every transaction can be verified, so in relation to our crypto transactions they’re going to bring visibility to them from the back office and they’ve also applied the blockchain to withdrawals, because here withdrawals are instant which is really nice

now if I show you the back office

On the left we have this operations menu so for going there this shows all of the opportunities that there but is currently analyzing and what it’s looking for is opportunities that have a 2.5 percent profit or above and I won’t take something that is less than that.

Now if I look at history of operations these are ones that have successfully traded already so if I click on any of these it says that they have bought Bitcoin for euros at this price and then they sell them for GBP at this price and when they converted from GBP back to euros at this exchange rate they have profit of 84.85 euro for every Bitcoin they’ve bought and there’s a 5x leverage, now normally encrypt of arbitrage you see Bitcoin for a price on one exchange you see it for a slightly different price on another exchange. You sell high and you make a profit on the difference, so broadly there are two stages to this.  There’s the crypto side and then there’s the forex side.

sometimes they’re buying in US dollars British pounds euros and then they’re selling the Bitcoin into one of those currencies usually not the same one, and on the forex side they’re making an additional profit on the currency conversion, and that’s how they’re differentiating what they’re doing compared to other arbitrage companies. MindCapital will do online conferences (ZOOM CALL) twice a month to explain how their concept works.

so let me summarize what their product offering is

now the minimum contribution is $100 and whatever we deposit is locked up for 90 calendar days so we can’t withdraw our capital before 90 days or up, but at the end of 90 days we get our capital back, or we can leave it in there to continue to earn daily profits. Mind.capital pay Monday to Friday between half a percent and one and a half percent gross and I say gross because whatever the daily percentage is, they take 35% percent and we keep 65 percent

that 35 percent goes towards the operations of the company and to paying any commissions.

The profits these guys have been making are very high. They’ve been in pre-launch since the 1st of October 2019 and in that first month they made a net profit of 17 percent. Now that is really high and then in November in December it was 18 percent so there’s a very good consistency. Right now the only way to deposit is using Bitcoin but after the launch in January the 11th they tell us we can deposit using VISA,Mastercard. The minimum withdrawal is $50 and withdrawals are instant, no waiting for approvals so I really like that part,

I want to just quickly talk about their road map. Their communications director Christina Lopez has said that once they reach 10,000 Bitcoin in volume that the efficiency of their system will no
longer work the way they expect it to and at that point they’re going to change the model to a private club.

So currently it’s open to the public but once they’re trading with 10,000 bitcoins, they’re going to change it to a private club, then that means people who are already invested they continue (no
problem) but new people won’t be able to get in now in one sense that’s a negative because it reduces the lifetime of the product especially to new people, but from a positive perspective what I like about this,  is somebody has done business analysis on this project. Someone has looked at the numbers and gone right what’s their optimum efficiency at what point does that start to degrade and they’ve got a business plan that tells me multiple things

one is these guys are not fools, secondly it reinforces the fact that this is a legitimate business and thirdly we’re dealing with business people. We’re not dealing with developers. A lot of the time developers set up projects but have no business acumen and that’s no disrespect to developers. 

what else can I write about the future? Christina Lopez has also said that there will be other projects coming along they couldn’t tell us what they are right now, but when they reached their goal of 10,000 bitcoins there’s going to be a change. Now some of the figures she mentioned was that they could potentially reach that within one year. Now that could potentially put some people off the idea but right now we’re in at the beginning. This is just about to be launched so in my opinion it’s a good time to get on board

One thing I haven’t seen so far is the evidence of trading but that’s being promised on January the 11th at the launch event they’re going to demonstrate full transparency so I’m looking forward to that

so now let me sum up my verdict of mind capital

now what I’m summarizing my verdict of what I think of a platform, I always like to start with what I don’t like.. Now there isn’t very much that I don’t like here so I’m being a little bit picky, but I don’t like the 90-day lock-in period. There are some other platforms that don’t lock our capital in at all.

We’ve instant access to our capital so for me this is going the wrong direction. Now I am in platforms that have longer lock-in periods than this, but I don’t like those luck in periods 90 days. Is a long time. In crypto anything can happen in 90 days and if something does happen you can’t get your BTC out when you want. Anyway that might be a little bit picky but it’s something I don’t like and the other thing is about withdrawals.

so $50 is the minimum but let’s say that your balance was fifty three dollars and seventy cents. You can’t take out your full balance. You can only take out to the nearest ten dollars above fifty dollars. So in this example if I had $52 I could only take out fifty. If at $59 I could still only take out fifty. I don’t like not being able to take out all of my available balance so worst case scenario I’m leaving $9.99 on the table. So, it’s not terrible but I just don’t like that so there are the things that I don’t like

When they go live on January the 11th they’ve said they’re going to show us full transparency. The exact date of implementation of hash id is 20 January 2020 in our backoffice. So feel free to create a free account to check out the transactions…I haven’t seen the evidence of trading yet but I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt that they’re going to show that, but otherwise I will put that in as a negative here so I’m going to assume that they’re going to show that on the 11th

so now for what I do like, I really like the transparency of the CEO. I like the fact that he has embraced the blockchain that he’s integrated the blockchain into their website, so that we
can have traceability of the transactions in the trades and instant withdrawals. I like the fact that this guy has a long history.  Now 72 years old. When you’re at that age and you’ve had an amazing life, you’ve had movies made about you, you’ve had books written about you, your swan song is not going to be oh I created this scam, alright you’re not gonna leave a legacy like that…  

So I think this guy is legit. I’ve seen him in many interviews and he comes across really well. Now I like the fact that they’re registered in Madrid and that we can visit their offices there and I know people who’ve already been out there to visit him. I also like that Gonzalo conceived this idea and then produced it. He didn’t buy an off-the-shelf, but like a lot of the super wallet companies have done, he came up with a novel idea and then he hired American developers to produce it for him and they’re registering their own software development company in Madrid so that they can maintain and take this to the next level, and I’ll mention it again but I really like incident withdrawals. I don’t like waiting for approval. I don’t know why more companies don’t do this. I never like requesting withdrawal and I’m waiting for someone to approve it, you know I might take it day to days whatever we should always be getting instant withdrawals so I really like that

now the profits these guys are generating at the moment is really attractive 18 percent per month Net is an amazing return and that’s on top of our capital being returned after 90 days so over a three month period you could get a 50% return on your capital that’s pretty amazing and lastly their compensation plan ie the Commission’s they pay to team builders is very sustainable

a lot of new companies make the mistake of paying massive referral commissions to attract a lot of people and then very soon realize it’s not sustainable and the model starts to collapse.In this case I think it’s very sustainable and it’s paid for from the profits so when someone invests $100, a hundred percent of that is traded against if the daily profit is a gross 1%, 0.35 percent of that goes towards the operations of the company and paying referral commissions, and point six five percent of that pays us our profits.

Now I’m not going to go into the full details of the plan but I think it’s sustainable so as you can probably tell I really like mind.capital. I’m very optimistic about its future and in terms of risk assessment.

how do you get started with my own capital?

In my view this is a low risk so how do you get started with mind.capital. Well the first thing is to go to sign up now , click on create an account fill in your details, verify your email and login so once you’re logged in,  go to deposits click on make new contribution (currently only bitcoins available)  but after launch Visa and MasterCard should be open so choose your option click accept and pay.

Type in how much you want, click pay and follow the instructions and it will take 2 to 3 business days before your profits start showing up in the dashboard.  After your further investigation, you’ll decide whether to make a larger deposit. I always start at the minimum, and after a few days, I’ll make further decisions… 

For me this is a low-risk platform. Everything I’ve seen so far points towards a successful company, but remember any company can fail, no company is immune to that so manage your risk manage your greed and stay safe alright take care guys

Why did I join Mind-Capital?

First of all because of the owner, if you read what he did in the early 90s
then you will see the guy is a genius.

There is a movie about his life, there are many books about his life, there
are A LOT of interviews in many newspapers and magazines about his life.

His story has been featured in the History Channel and so on….

We have been in many zoom calls with him.

My sponsor recently flew to MADRID to meet & interview him, so thanks to him a have more info.

If he created a system that beat the casinos so many years ago, (won over
250 MILLION Pesetas!) why can’t he do the same with an easier thing like

Now, according to my uplines this is what is going to happen on January
11th in Madrid, Spain during the official launch of the company :

? Legal registration of the company will be shown where it states that
the owner is Gonzalo García-Pelayo

? The arbitrage software will be shown live and we will be able to see
how it works and how it makes money for both the company and the members.

? We will be able to see that the software is REAL and the ROI we get is
generated by it and not by new money from members.

? I am telling you this now, it was supposed to be revealed in the
event, but I will share this with you. All company exchange accounts will
be monitored and audited by a third party company called cointracker.io,
is the company that many countries accept as a valid tool to calculate the
taxes we have to pay from our crypto earnings.

So it’s not just what the company is saying they do, a 3rd party will
monitor that and we’ll be able to follow up!

? The hash ID of the transactions will also be displayed in the back
office and we will be able to see them after 20 of january 2020

You’re welcome to join my team.