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We’re going to be releasing full details and tickets to our Tokyo event very soon. But before we do, we’ve got one more surprise. To help get you to Tokyo, we’re offering to help reimburse the travel costs. But that’s not all. Keep reading this email to find out about the bonus Cycles we’re offering on new licenses until September 15th (more on that later!).

Tokyo Reimbursement Bonus

Between September 1-15th your direct sales will earn you an additional bonus which can be claimed against the cost of traveling to and staying in Tokyo. 

It works like this, we’ve split direct sales into 5 volume levels. Whatever you sell within these volume levels between now and September 15th will earn you reimbursement on your travel expenses to Tokyo. You’ll be able to receive reimbursement credit (up to a maximum cap) based on a percentage of your total direct sales volume between September 1-15th. This Tokyo Reimbursement Bonus is in addition to the normal 10% bonus you’ll always receive on Direct Sales.

You can see the 5 levels of direct sales volume below, the percentage you earn in reimbursement within each level and the maximum amount of Tokyo Bonus you can earn for each level of volume if you max out the level.

Direct Sales Volume (€) Bonus % available Maximum Bonus


100 – 2,000 10% 200
2,001 – 5,000 8% 240
5,001 – 12,500 6% 450
12,501 – 25,000 5% 625
25,001 – 50,000 4% 1000
Total available bonus (€) 2515

For example if you sold a total volume of €15,000 between September 1st-15th, you’d receive €1,015 in total reimbursement (max of €200 for first level + max of €240 for second level + max of €450 for third level + €125 which is 5% of €2,500). The total bonus available per Advocate attending the Tokyo event is €2515.

This is an incredible opportunity to cover the cost of your trip to Tokyo. It’s hugely important to us that as many of you make it as possible and we’ve got some amazing things planned that we can’t wait to tell you about.

Customer Bonus

In addition, anyone who buys a President license in this time period will receive €1000 in travel reimbursement towards Tokyo.  That’s right, this Tokyo Promotion is not just for Advocates…  even customers can get in on this!  This Reimbursement Bonus is in addition to the Bonus Cycles that customers of President licenses will be earning by making their decision between September 1st-15th (details on that below).

Please note that all reimbursements will be paid in gift codes after the Tokyo event. Receipts will need to be supplied to for the travel or accommodation expenses being covered.

September Bonus Cycles for Customers

Between September 1-15th, receive between 10-15% bonus Cycles on all new licenses. 

To continue the momentum leading up to the launch of the DasExchange in Tokyo, we’re offering additional bonus Cycles on new licenses until September 15th. The response to our August offers has been amazing! We can’t stress how important it is to take advantage of the Frequency Lock – which is being removed from the system as of October 1st.  Don’t forget the tremendous benefits you receive from a Frequency Lock on your account: 1) you Cycles get submitted right away, so you start receiving DasCoin sooner, 2) you automatically receive all Upgrades your license is entitled to receive, even though your Cycles are already in the Minting Queue, and 3) you know exactly how many coins your License will yield over the course of time.  The predictability of knowing the exact rate of Cycles it will take to create a DasCoin is very valuable information, especially as more and more licenses are sold and the Frequency increases to higher and higher levels.

Share the News

Be sure to share the information in this email with your team and prospects. Now is the perfect time to buy a new NetLeaders license. Receive 10 – 15% bonus Cycles until 23:59 September 15th. And help pay for your travel to Tokyo with this additional bonus on your direct sales between now and 23:59 September 15th.

We are excited to release the tickets for Tokyo – and they’ll be coming very soon. Let’s all use this final chance before launching the DasExchange to take things to the next level.

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