Important Update !

If you joined us on this week’s webinar you will have heard some exciting news.

Every license sold will include 15% bonus Cycles until midnight Tuesday, August 15th 

That’s an additional 5% in bonus Cycles for this limited time only.

With the launch of DasExchange fast approaching we want everyone to keep the momentum going and continue the amazing progress that’s been made in the past few months. Use this additional incentive to help grow your business. 

 Also, please remember that there are only a few weeks left to lock in a fixed Frequency for your license. All licenses purchased on or before September 30th will benefit from a Frequency Lock. Licenses purchased after that date will not have the predictability of a fixed Frequency. Be sure to read the news at the bottom of this email to understand the changes fully.

The table below shows the maximum number of DasCoin you can receive with each license and 15% bonus Cycles at the current Frequency Lock of 8.4. 

Don’t forget the Frequency Lock increases at midnight Tuesday, August 15th and the additional 15% bonus Cycles are reduced to 10%.

Important news

Following September 30th any new Cycles purchased or received will not be given a Frequency Lock. Instead they will be subject to the Frequency changing on the 1st and 16th of every month.

What does this mean?

It means that you decide when to submit your Cycles to the Minting Queue.  You will need to decide if you hold on to your Cycles and wait for your eligible Upgrades (and the doubling of Cycles that come with those) — OR — submit your Cycles right away and forgot the Upgrades but lock in a lower Frequency.

Of course, up until September 30th, anyone who buys a license does not have to make those kind of decisions: their Cycles are automatically submitted and they also receive the doubling of Cycles on each Upgrade they are eligible for — even though their Cycles are already in the Minting Queue.  This is an enormous benefit — but it will be disappearing soon!  Be sure to take full advantage of this benefit — while it lasts!

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 Be sure to share the information in this email with your team and prospects. Now is the perfect time to buy a NetLeaders License. Receive 15% bonus Cycles until midnight Tuesday, August 15th and lock your Frequency until September 30th only.

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