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Email From NetLeaders:

Hello Everybody!

There’s a lot going on, so we wanted to give everyone updates from the technology team as well as news about the Hong Kong event that is happening next week.

DasCoin: Things are moving forward swiftly and smoothly on the DasCoin front. We are happy to report that we will be making available to everyone a demo of the DasCoin Blockchain Explorer — and that this will happen BEFORE the event in Hong Kong! This demo will allow everyone to see a number of the blockchain dynamics, including: nodes producing blocks, account licenses being issued to accounts, Cycles being received along with licenses, webeuros being credited to accounts, transfers of webeuros between wallets, and Cycles being submitted to the DasCoin Minting Queue. This demo will provide everyone with the first glimpse into the inner workings of the hybrid cryptocurrency that is taking the world by storm! We’re really excited about this technology — and we’re sure you are too!

NetLeaders: The website is receiving an update in the next few hours that will address various React/Redux issues that have been causing inconsistent performance on the NetLeaders site. A subsequent update will happen tomorrow (Friday) that will add the €45 gift code option and the history of all gift codes from the past. Then, on Monday, we will be adding complete compensation reporting (with data from Week1) as well as the full automation of bitcoin processing. Payouts for Week 1 will be available on Tuesday, January 10th. And finally, on the following week, we will introduce the first level of the NetLeaders education system. So lots of exciting things are happening as the dev team optimizes the NetLeaders site for rapid expansion throughout the world.

Hong Kong:  Sign up today for the Hong Kong event — you don’t want to miss this exciting gathering of leaders from all over the world! Register using the Events section of the NetLeaders website. There is a full agenda of presentations and trainings on Saturday, January 14th in Hong Kong. And on January 15th, Michael Mathias, CEO of DasCoin, will be presenting a full visualization from within the DasCoin blockchain of the minting of DasCoins. This is going to be an action-packed event full of great information and lots of training. We hope that everyone can make it to this momentous occasion. You’ll definitely want to be in attendance in Hong Kong and be among the very first to witness the demonstration of the DasCoin minting process!

NetLeaders Team

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