GreenPower Basic Concepts

What is a NetLeaders License:

NetLeaders License is your entry point to the DasNet platform. It gives you three things:

  • 1 Authentication: Your identity will be verified.
  • 2 Authorization: You will receive a license certificate and will establish the keys to a WebWallet that will provide you access to DasNet.
  • 3 Capacity: You will receive Cycles – units of network capacity on DasNet.


There are currently 5 types of license:

  • Standard (100 EUR)
  • Manager (500 EUR)
  • Pro (2 000 EUR)
  • Executive (5 000 EUR)
  • President (25 000 EUR)

What are Cycles?

Cycles are units of stored capacity within the DasNet system.
They can be directly exchanged for network services on DasNet (such as encrypted data storage or smart contracts).

Cycles are also the essential element used in minting DasCoin.

What is Minting?

Minting is the process of producing new DasCoins. Only 8.5 billion units of DasCoin (to be exact: 8 589 934 592) will ever be minted.

The minting process begins with the submission of Cycles to the DasNet system. Rather than using the Cycles for network services, the holders of these Cycles choose to submit them to DasNet so that they can be converted to DasCoins. The system accepts Cycles and then uses them to produce DasCoins: essentially, the DasNet platform’s minting process to converts stored network capacity into stored value.

What is Frequency?

Frequency is the conversion factor used in the minting process of Cycles to DasCoins. As the DasNet expands, a number of positive dynamics occur: risk is reduced, the circle of users widens and the infrastructure of the system grows larger. Consequently, the value of a unit of stored value (DasCoin) in the system increases in relation to a unit of stored network capacity (Cycle). This results in more Cycles being needed to produce a unit of DasCoin. This dynamic is reflected in an increase in the Frequency, which is commensurate with the incremental growth of the network.

What is an Upgrade?

An Upgrade is the doubling of all available Cycles (meaning, all Cycles not currently in the minting queue). An Upgrade is a factor that represents the increased efficiency of DasNet’s technology over time due to technological advances and Moore’s Law dynamics. An Upgrade is currently scheduled to occur within the system every 108 days