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Netleaders Update Frequency 5.0

What is Frequency?

Frequency is the conversion factor used in the minting process of Cycles to DasCoins. As the DasNet expands, a number of positive dynamics occur: risk is reduced, the circle of users widens and the infrastructure of the system grows larger. Consequently, the value of a unit of stored value (DasCoin) in the system increases in relation to a unit of stored network capacity (Cycle). This results in more Cycles being needed to produce a unit of DasCoin. This dynamic is reflected in an increase in the Frequency, which is commensurate with the incremental growth of the network.

Frequency Lock Now Is 5.0.Next change will be after 15 february 2017.

[cl-counter initial=”1″ final=”5.0″ title=”Frequency”]

[waiting name=”Frequency”]

NetLeaders Warms Receptive Polish Audience

Freezing temperatures of -20C did nothing to chill the enthusiasm of event-goers at the historic NetLeaders and DasCoin event on the outskirts of Warsaw Saturday afternoon. Attendees began arriving at the beautiful conference centre some four hours before the afternoon’s programme commenced, evidencing their zeal notwithstanding Old Man Winter’s early 2017 visit to Eastern Europe.

Hundreds Queued to Attend

The queue of hundreds of attendees waiting to enter the speaking venue inside the conference centre snaked around three corners. Once inside the spacious venue, Advocates spent time meeting with their customers and discussing all things NetLeaders and DasCoin. The Polish hosts did a superb job organising Saturday’s event, complete with an excellent sound system, rows of filled chairs that reached the back of the speaking venue, and a well-deserved coffee bank replete with Polish sweets and drinks to prepare for the second part of the afternoon’s programme, and subsequent foray into the cold Polish evening.


Diamond Members Honoured

Diamond Member leaders were honoured with beautifully-engraved writing instruments to recognise their achievements to the ongoing success of the DasCoin community.  One attendee was heard saying that he will redouble his marketing efforts now that he has seen the blockchain while another attendee valiantly predicted that the size of the Polish community will explode in size further between now and the March event.

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