NetLeader’s Do’s & Don’ts

NetLeader’s Do’s & Don’ts


  • Emphasize the importance of going through the learning programs
  • Present accurate and factual information
  • Explain potentials and projections instead of certainties
  • Explain that the software allows you to get cycles which has multiple uses including conversion to coins
  • Explain that there are risk involved
  • Ensure that the person who buy the software license can afford to spend that money
  • Ask for their concerns and address them fully


X Don’t promise “risk free”

X Don’t get the person into NetLeader without first educating the person

X Don’t downplay the amount of work the person need to do to succeed

X Don’t exaggerate anything or imply guarantees of results of any kind

X Don’t leave any information out just to push the sale

X Don’t make promises on returns without a explaining that it is a potential or a projection only.

X Don’t use the word “investment” or ‘invest”.

X Don’t talk about the returns or the profits without first explaining the concept of crypto-currencies

X Don’t criticize another crypto-currencies; just explain the differences using facts