10 days to TOKYO

There are only 11 days to go until our biggest ever event – the NetLeaders Global Summit in Tokyo. On Saturday September 30th we’ll be launching DasExchange,  the most significant milestone in our journey so far to an audience of 3500. Do not miss DasCoin trade for the first time in a country where Bitcoin is recognized as legal currency. Building a network in Japan will be a priceless opportunity. Those attending will also able to collect their Validator orders ahead of anyone else, giving them privileged first access to the exchange.

Tokyo Reimbursement Bonus

We’re extending our Tokyo reimbursement offer until 23:59 Sunday September 24th CET.

Any direct sales made during this time will earn you an additional bonus which can be claimed against the cost of travelling to and staying in Tokyo.

We’ve split direct sales into 5 volume levels. Whatever you sell within these volume levels until 23:59 Sunday September 24th CET will earn you reimbursement on your travel expenses to Tokyo. You’ll be able to receive reimbursement credit (up to a maximum cap) based on a percentage of your total direct sales volume during this time. This Tokyo Reimbursement Bonus is in addition to the normal 10% bonus you’ll always receive on Direct Sales.

You can see the 5 levels of direct sales volume below, the percentage you earn in reimbursement within each level and the maximum amount of Tokyo Bonus you can earn for each level of volume if you max out the level.

Direct Sales Volume (€) Bonus % available Maximum Bonus


100 – 2,000 10% 200
2,001 – 5,000 8% 240
5,001 – 12,500 6% 450
12,501 – 25,000 5% 625
25,001 – 50,000 4% 1000
Total available bonus (€) 2515

For example if you sold a total volume of €15,000 by 23:59 Sunday September 24th CET, you’d receive €1,015 in total reimbursement (max of €200 for first level + max of €240 for second level + max of €450 for third level + €125 which is 5% of €2,500). The total bonus available per Advocate attending the Tokyo event is €2515.

This is an incredible opportunity to cover the cost of your trip to Tokyo. We can’t wait to see you there!

Customer Bonus

In addition, anyone who buys a President license in this time period will receive €1000 in travel reimbursement towards Tokyo allowing even customers to cover their costs! This Reimbursement Bonus is in addition to the Bonus Cycles that customers of President licenses will be earning by purchasing their license before September 30th (details on that below).

Please note that all reimbursements will be paid in gift codes after the Tokyo event. Receipts will need to be supplied to support@NetLeaders.com for the travel or accommodation expenses being covered by 23:59 Sunday 15th October CET.

September Bonus Cycles Offer Extended

Until 23:59 Saturday September 30th CET, receive between 10-15% bonus Cycles on all new licenses.

This is an amazing final opportunity to take advantage of the Frequency Lock before it is removed September 30th.

The final days of Frequency Lock

Following September 30th any new Cycles purchased or received will not be given a Frequency Lock. Instead they will be subject to the Frequency changing on the 1st and 16th of every month.

What does this mean?

It means that you decide when to submit your Cycles to the Minting Queue.  You will need to decide if you hold on to your Cycles and wait for your eligible Upgrades (and the doubling of Cycles that come with those) — OR — submit your Cycles right away and forgo the Upgrades but lock in a lower Frequency.

Of course, up until September 30th, anyone who buys a license does not have to make those kind of decisions: their Cycles are automatically submitted and they also receive the doubling of Cycles on each Upgrade they are eligible for — even though their Cycles are already in the Minting Queue. This is an enormous benefit — but it will be disappearing soon! Be sure to take full advantage of this benefit — while it lasts!

Share the news

Be sure to share the information in this email with your team and prospects. Now is the perfect time to buy a new NetLeaders license. Receive 10 – 15% bonus Cycles until 23:59 September 30th CET.

And help pay for your travel to Tokyo with our extended Tokyo bonus on your direct sales until 23:59 September 24th CET.

We’re looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Tokyo and sharing the historic moment DasCoin trades for the first time.

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